A date with Corona-Chan

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Description: Top headline of all news and main thing in life for everybody now is Covid-19, type of corona-virus that is taking over the world. This nice visual novel will bring us some information about it and you'll have to get laid with infected girl and maybe cure her.


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us what @ 2020-03-23 16:04:21

whos idea was this

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us MEMES @ 2020-03-26 05:11:00

what, who evers idea it was is a fucking genious Srry about spelling


gb Anonymous @ 2020-03-31 17:11:36

Came here just for the comments. This is indeed a bait of excellent quality, making all these faggots rage about porn games. Hats off to whoever is responsible for it.


br Someone @ 2020-03-23 17:05:16



de Why @ 2020-03-23 17:30:36

Bruv, why is this a thing


nz Not e-girl @ 2020-03-23 23:54:40

Therapist: Corona-Chan doesn't exist, she can't get you. Corona-Chan:


br Wkkf @ 2020-03-24 00:30:10



de I mean sure why not @ 2020-03-24 00:59:10

God damn it! There are Thots everywhere! Even Corona wants my virginity!

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us Not Today Thotties @ 2020-03-24 05:23:55

Stay strong brother


es awesome @ 2020-03-24 02:00:30

Can't believe all the butthurt people that are taking this so seriously tho. It's just a parody guys... Btw awesome game lol


br LUKE @ 2020-03-24 02:02:56

Wow... this was fast...


us Jesus @ 2020-03-24 02:15:08

On one hand this is my favorite thing ever, on the other, lets not spread misinformation even if it is meant to be funny, porn games could educate an entire demographic of people on current events. COVID-19 is not a manmade virus. I CALL UPON YOU ALL PORN GAME DEVS, USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD... YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD 1 PERV AT A TIME!

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gb Dr Not Q. Ualified @ 2020-03-24 02:18:51

Next up: Auschwitz dating sim! Get on it, devs!


ca lecool97 @ 2020-03-24 02:29:53

its a copy of an anime call cells at works and its on netflix (a parody)


us Nickname @ 2020-03-24 06:17:06

You know what it is made in poor taste, but unlike a bit of others I see it in a more positive light we need some humor in these times. This is just a way of doing that. So if you can't take the joke then that's fine don't play the game, but at least respect the humor.

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us Jerkfree @ 2020-03-24 06:35:22

My Fingers are Fast but my dic is Big


us YEs @ 2020-03-24 07:11:32

YES this is wondrous

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ua Cinderella @ 2020-03-24 11:52:48

This game is super


us Jerkfree @ 2020-03-24 12:24:45

It Would have been better if all the developers had updated all the games than have one person making money off everyone's sickness??


br TipMaster @ 2020-03-24 19:57:12

Não é um grande jogo mais as piadas com a OMS realmente foram boas(poderia ter cenas com a outra garota mas tudo bem).


br Yes A nick. @ 2020-03-24 22:12:03



us Average gamer @ 2020-03-25 10:58:48

Don't think aboutnit it porn dont put thought just masterbate or play the game


us MEMES @ 2020-03-26 05:03:36

When your species gets to the point where it jerks off to and humiliates its biggest predator. Thats when. Thats when you know you are a real apex predator.


us weeeeewww @ 2020-03-26 21:25:22

now people gon start fucking bats... covid20 on its way


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