A Town Uncovered [v 0.27c]

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Description: A normal scenario about a student from high school, who is now in the new town and trying to do his best to finish the school. All the sudden one night you reach some other universe filled with sex. In this world you can have sex when, where and with whom you want. What a wonderful world, or everything is not so simple?


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ar Marian Flood @ 2020-03-20 03:16:32

excellent a work of art


us MrGooseMan @ 2020-03-20 04:01:01

Is this the complete version?

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us buzzsaw @ 2020-04-05 22:32:17

MrGooseMan, no


us Hiphopdude @ 2020-03-20 04:13:27

The cheat code is sanicrans

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us Grimm @ 2020-03-26 06:14:04

Hiphopdude, Thank you good sir


fr lordP @ 2020-03-20 04:13:49


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us Boring @ 2020-03-21 19:30:18

lordP, - hi I'm Jerry and I'm 18 years old - hi Jerry I'm Monica and also 18 years old - Hey guys couldn't help but overhear you guys talking about age. I'm Tom and ALSO 18 years old - Some age police dude: yeppers this game is definitely not using underage characters. It's almost like you can't have a consistent age at a school so the creator has to confirm everytime to feel safe.


gb putang @ 2020-04-07 00:21:21

lordP, actually im 8


us GJ16 @ 2020-03-20 07:23:29

Really fun good story good pacing between scenes 9/10


us PI @ 2020-03-20 08:45:18

i hope they make it were you can push the land lord in to the sexworld to be the scarifce and get rid of him.

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gb JR @ 2020-04-06 22:19:59

PI, the mean one tho


it Machete @ 2020-03-20 14:50:09

How many light years is this game from any ending?


us nickname @ 2020-03-20 18:22:38

how do you get on track with jane?

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us Jerkfree @ 2020-03-20 21:38:03

nickname, this is old style art WTF its 2019 upgrade Your brain then try making a game


it Alex @ 2020-04-02 18:50:35

guys how to find the fight club?


es Anna @ 2020-03-22 00:19:09

Every time I go to the principal's office to massage her, I end up at the beach and I have to do it again, since it seems as if I didn't do the scene. Does it happen to other people, or is it just my problem?

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gb JR @ 2020-04-04 05:32:27

Anna, i just reached that point and im having the same problem. hope they fix it, i dont even get to see the scene but on top of that I have to repeat the damn scene.


us Aries01 @ 2020-03-22 06:28:30

I can not even get it to load anyone else having this problem

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gb Shadow @ 2020-03-27 16:58:29

Aries01, I'm having the same issue as well


ro Seal @ 2020-03-22 13:36:00

I don't care what people are saying about "I'm 18 years old" or "He's 18 years old" being here so much. The fact that it appears so much makes me giggle.


pl Mel @ 2020-03-22 17:40:38

Saved game cannot be restored after you load game later ... and story is long ... I lost like 3h+ ... It is Long and good ... so here I am again :)


us Gamer @ 2020-03-22 21:25:22

the 75.5 chapter for the main quest isn't working. I talked to BOTH Ellie AND Jacob and the quests didn't progress.

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gb JR @ 2020-04-06 22:21:35

Gamer, go to the computer and use the time traveler. the same thing happened to me.


us JC @ 2020-03-22 22:17:31

Go to your PC in your room, hit cheat codes, enter sanicrans You're welcome


hk sdff @ 2020-03-23 09:26:12

anyone know the cheat code?

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it Alex @ 2020-04-02 18:48:23

sdff, sanicrans


us clickdaddy @ 2020-03-26 16:18:55

game won't load...stuck on the Seki Gee logo


ar wtf @ 2020-03-27 18:29:47

wtf dude , so much drama... is a mood killer


at Penis ass face nigga butt hole @ 2020-03-28 06:50:54

load files are fucked, lmao, i'm outta here


nl Moi3768 @ 2020-03-28 23:46:06

Please fix. Doesn’t work on phone since keyboard never shows up when you have to type something


us D @ 2020-04-01 21:05:08

i closed all my tabs and now i gotta start from the beginning ;-;


it Alex @ 2020-04-02 18:51:16

guys, does anyone know how to find the fight club?

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it Alex @ 2020-04-02 18:51:41

Alex, to meet miss allaway


us buzzsaw @ 2020-04-07 05:50:10

Alex, school gym at night


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