Suspicious [v 0.18]

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Description: Henry is scientist and unfortunately his laboratory was closed. To keep doing things he made some experiment by himself that ended up not so good. Now he's in one guy's named Richard body. He's a student and now he'll have to continue to live 2 lives at the same time, Richard's and his science life.


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us boo @ 2020-03-19 21:45:42

best game ever


de GrammarNazi69 @ 2020-03-19 23:27:32

The English in this game... well it exists


us God @ 2020-03-20 00:08:18

lots of errors happening


de Back to the drawing board @ 2020-03-20 00:31:25

"The preparation is equal to -2 (1 preparation unit is approx. equal to 1% of what you will successfully pass)." I hate to say it but that quote pretty much sums up the entire game: awkward, clumsy, boring, slow. I appreciate the effort to bring us more than a VN, but it takes skill and this dev bit off more than he could chew.


us Greg1 @ 2020-03-20 02:37:18

The English in the game is not very good at all. Needs a lot of work, to say the least.


us Jerkfree @ 2020-03-20 03:03:59

Its the Renpy shit everyone with a New PC can download Renpy to make games even though they have NO idea W T F they're doing.

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ar Omran Argha @ 2020-03-20 03:52:32

Jerkfree, hi jerk how are you too late sex


us Anon @ 2020-03-20 04:47:08

Jerkfree, I agree, most of these retards learn basic 3D modeling in mom's basement because porn can be done at home and yields a good profit. But they cannot code, and as you can see here, when they try to put a little more interactivity, variables and non-linear stuff into a project, it turns to absolute shit. Real coders work 9-5 jobs at companies!


ca sadsdf @ 2020-03-20 04:30:47

why dose this game have options for music and a voice but it dont do shit in the game

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us Truth @ 2020-03-20 05:40:14

sadsdf, because these options are default to the menu and why should they care to be honest and remove them? That's bad for business.


us raven @ 2020-03-20 06:36:06



nl Beta @ 2020-03-20 14:20:08

Do people even realise that games like this arent fully completed yet? Its still under development

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it Machete @ 2020-03-20 17:09:24

Beta, yeah, that's why they shouldn't be released.


au nigger @ 2020-03-20 21:25:36

u should at lest be able to fuck ruby

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nl lol @ 2020-03-20 21:53:12

nigger, I'm sure you can - by using a walkthrough and pushing a distinct pattern of 50 point and click buttons - but only in the next update, to be released in 2023.


it Machete @ 2020-03-22 17:46:46

Excuse me, guys.. What language is this game even speaking in?


us Aries01 @ 2020-03-29 21:25:59

what ever they did to this game they fucked it up errors everywhere


us joe @ 2020-03-29 21:42:23

fix the game


us Deo @ 2020-03-31 05:42:51

Anyone else love to fu ck ur stepsis


ar Marian Flood @ 2020-03-31 21:27:49

for my taste it is not, there are people who like it, you have to think that the game is new after a few updates we can say that it is an excellent or shit, you have to wait, they have something else to do


gb imnotreal @ 2020-04-01 00:11:07

Error after error after error.


ph julian @ 2020-04-01 01:57:39

game na hahaha cum pre fuck


us rwar @ 2020-04-03 08:22:31

game is 100% broken now with error messages on almost everything including the school


fr Vlad @ 2020-04-06 16:30:36

Is this guy ever fucking someone ?


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