Teen Witches Academy [Restart]

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Description: Generally this game reminds me trending the Witcher series. Game can freeze a little bit time by time, but you can't do anything about it - just wait for the new image to load. You play as the mage who is banned from their society. However he gets back the power in return he must teach new witches in the school and corrupt them all.



  • us Enough @ 2020-01-04 18:32:55 (+1)

    Fuck u you shouldve been aborted on your mom's tits you little shit

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  • gb Adult VN Addicted @ 2020-01-04 21:01:22 (+3)

    Enough, you fucking moron. you're the worst dork i've ever read on a forum!

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  • de I smell a rat @ 2020-01-04 22:31:29 (+5)

    What's with all these positive comments 5 minutes after the game was posted? LOL... it's actually slow, boring, lots of loading and clicking through garbage dialogue, waiting for fuck scenes that never come...

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  • ca Sadbot @ 2020-01-05 00:23:33 (+1)

    Adult VN Addicted, he is sad because he "came" to a bad game

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  • us Jerkfree @ 2020-01-08 02:56:42

    Adult VN Addicted, Sadbot, another troll BitchBoy Who thinks Someone gives a shit about Your Comments, WE DON'T when someone Don't like the game or game issues we DON'T ASK YOU!

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  • de Neo @ 2020-01-04 19:24:05

    How can i save this fucking game

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  • de Neo @ 2020-01-04 19:25:47

    He bide merak ediyom hiç bizden birinin yorumunu görmedim burda bizden tek oynayan ben miyim xd

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  • no aasdw @ 2020-01-04 22:27:33

    Neo, değilsin knk xd

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  • no bir dost @ 2020-01-05 12:30:59

    Neo, elbette değilsin

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  • us Keanu Chungus Wholesome @ 2020-01-08 03:17:23

    Neo, demek burayı bilen varmış

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  • de Trinity @ 2020-01-04 19:31:11

    Update manila shaw v0.20 please

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  • it Sandero @ 2020-01-04 20:47:34 (+2)

    HUGE first release!!!! Good work, Dev!!!

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  • us DARK MAGE @ 2020-01-04 20:50:14 (+1)

    KATERINA IS SO HOOOTTT!!! This game is very addictive!!!

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  • us Gunther Eriksenn @ 2020-01-04 20:52:09 (+2)

    Harry Potter and the Witcher with blowjobs and voyeur scene!!! How could I live without it until now?? :)

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  • de Franz Derekstein @ 2020-01-04 20:55:10 (+2)

    AH AH Come on, Geralt, CORRUPT THEM ALL!!! AAH AH AH AH AH

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  • it Ciruzzo @ 2020-01-04 20:56:15 (+1)

    One of the best games in recent months. A lot of content, lots of characters, superlative graphics, exceptional girls. This first version already contains many more things than many other games released in months. Absolutely to play!

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  • gb Olivio Pedratozzi @ 2020-01-04 20:59:11 (+1)

    I've found this site with a lot of stuff about hot little witches in this game! drunkrobot.net/

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  • it Vat699 @ 2020-01-05 07:57:44

    Olivio Pedratozzi, tnx

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  • pt Man with Dick @ 2020-01-04 21:03:24 (+1)

    Deidra is the hottest loli ever seen in a adult visual novel!! Please more nudity about Deidra!!!

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  • pt Man with Dick @ 2020-01-04 21:03:46 (+2)

    Superb!!! Please give more story!

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  • pt Juniper @ 2020-01-04 21:06:27 (+1)

    More than 2 hours to complete all the achievements!! This is a very good first release!!! Hope it will go on like this!!!

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  • be loco @ 2020-01-04 21:17:06 (+2)

    is there a invisabele potion in this game or not implementation yet

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  • it Mandrake @ 2020-01-04 22:13:20 (+1)

    The game is beautiful many Lolita girl

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  • it Xeno @ 2020-01-04 23:19:04 (+1)

    Incredibile game 20 girl to humiliate

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  • it BlackDick @ 2020-01-05 00:02:27 (+1)

    I had been waiting for this game for some time, I had read very interesting things and I have to say that at the moment my expectations have not been disappointed.

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  • us Anon @ 2020-01-05 01:44:04 (+5)

    While it's obvious the dev spammed good reviews in his own comments the game isn't bad... It's not good either. It needs a lot more content, a better UI, and I would suggest switching to renpy now rather than waiting further. That way many more people (mobile users) can play and enjoy as we can't play html games on Android via download only through the browser eliminating save possibilities.

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  • us Waste of cute girl graphics @ 2020-01-06 22:38:06 (+1)

    Agree 100%. This UI is garbage, the font is unreadable and the game mechanics are boring. Enter room/talk/enter room/talk. Loading resources IN-GAME is annoying because you enter a room and it's not clear whether it's empty or sth. still loading in the background. Not even a load indicator.

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  • us Jerkfree @ 2020-01-07 22:35:24

    Anon, Waste of cute girl graphics, I Don't agree with using Renpy it fucks the game up for the rest of us.....

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  • au anon @ 2020-01-05 03:35:40 (+1)

    where is gold statue?

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  • it Zighi @ 2020-01-05 07:41:26 (+1)

    anon, you need teaching in a lesson after reading book, in a lesson speaking Vladimir

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  • ca YeHaw @ 2020-01-07 03:57:27

    Zighi, Where is the rest of the things needed for the oracle summoning?

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  • it Join @ 2020-01-07 20:30:52

    YeHaw, YeHaw, I found the Rope in the combat Room

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  • us raven @ 2020-01-05 04:34:04 (+1)


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  • us Wheres the content @ 2020-01-05 04:39:32 (+3)

    I count one blowjob and one tentacle fuck scene (in the prologue). It would be nice if the dev stopped posting BULLSHIT hype about his game being addictive and having 2 hours content, when it has more like 2 minutes. Truth will come out anyway.

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  • it Dalton @ 2020-01-05 07:48:47 (+1)

    Not found Oracle any one can help?

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  • us Hulu @ 2020-01-08 00:13:39

    Dalton, got read up on Oracle fully, get rope in the room with the scale, get the statue by teaching the witchcraft class and talking to the guy next to it(to teach class to to question mark icon in morning), then go to question mark icon during one of phases(unsure) and summon her. Spoiler: this action is pointless until update. None of actions work except the first which corrupts one of the Male students.

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  • us R3D @ 2020-01-05 10:07:50

    Having the option to turn that LOUD ASS MUSIC down would be nice. :)

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  • fr scarlet @ 2020-01-05 17:07:41

    the save doesn't work. geez :(

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  • us Jerkfree @ 2020-01-05 17:15:02

    I got the save to work one time while Main Character was in prison BUT that's all . Fix Your Game

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  • it Walters @ 2020-01-05 19:51:45

    For me save working ( Chrome 4 Windows )

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  • us PI @ 2020-01-06 04:02:06

    where is the invisablity potion

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  • it Zeius @ 2020-01-06 09:56:37

    PI, after summon the oracle can say a student take for you

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  • us Hulu @ 2020-01-08 00:15:02

    PI, however that doesn't work cause you never receive it

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  • us Raven @ 2020-01-06 09:36:45

    How do you teach a class?

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  • it Zeius @ 2020-01-06 09:55:17 (+1)

    Raven, in your office in the morning have the action menu under the ? Icon

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  • nl help meeeee @ 2020-01-06 14:59:52

    what do you need to summon te oracle? and when you have everything how do you do it?

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  • us Raven @ 2020-01-07 09:50:45

    help meeeee, Oracle is in "?" menu at night

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  • us Raven @ 2020-01-07 09:51:46

    And you need the rope and the gold statue to summon her

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  • us Jerkfree @ 2020-01-06 15:11:29

    Beware of Little Bitch Trolls Who Like to Tell everyone their Platform is out dated if the games don't work, Knowing all games Don't Work on different Servers

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  • us Why @ 2020-01-06 17:12:53

    This game is fucked up because it doesn't allow you to go to the next scene it does it for you and it takes for ever to do it.

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  • it Machete @ 2020-01-06 23:09:09 (+1)

    Some good idea, chaotic gamplay, not much to do, repetitive. A lot to work to do yet to make it worth playing.

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  • us Raven @ 2020-01-07 09:48:38

    How do you use the potion of invisibility?

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  • us Hulu @ 2020-01-08 00:17:12

    Raven, u don't, it doesn't exist yet until next or future update

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  • us Jerkfree @ 2020-01-07 19:55:23 (+1)

    Hey Developer Please Fix the save option in your Game, as it is with lisa43.ru's server always overwhelmed and crashing we have to start at the beginning Every Time.....

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  • us Jerkfree @ 2020-01-07 20:07:49

    Also may add there's no return when you enter corruption page?? So you're stuck without a way to continue playing.....

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  • it Join @ 2020-01-07 22:05:38 (+1)

    Jerkfree, click on the midle left I see a no image ( bad source) I think Dev lost a image

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  • us T @ 2020-01-08 02:08:24

    A whole lot of fake comments, it seems. The game shows potential. I look forward to updates.

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